ENT, one of the oldest departments not only in SRHU but also in the state of Uttarakhand, is the first to start postgraduate (MS) programme in the subject, in 2002, in the state. Besides Post Graduate programs, Undergraduate trainings are delivered under the guidance of an expert and dedicated faculty.  Department also provides services to the patients from Uttarakhand and neighbouring states.

There is a methodical, well-planned curriculum, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, with a good exposure to students through a variety of cases both in the outpatient and inpatient settings. The undergraduates get acquainted with various aspects of ENT by rotatory postings in Out Patient Department (OPD), Operation Theater (OT), wards and Audio-Vestibular labs. Daily bedside teaching is done by the consultants and residents along with the regular academic schedule in the form of lectures.

The post graduate students benefit from an Endoscopic OPD setup and a well equipped temporal bone laboratory for hands-on training for different surgeries. Third year residents are also given an opportunity to perform basic surgeries under the supervision of consultants. By the end of the residency period, the student is well-trained to handle OPD patients, manage ENT emergencies, and carry out basic surgeries. Regular classes are held, and the students are encouraged to present seminars accompanied with a healthy discussion. The department encourages the faculty & students alike to conduct research for which it provides a well-stocked library containing the latest reference books and many indexed international & national journals along with data of the patients. Ours is a tertiary referral center in the state for complicated and complex ENT surgeries. Apart from routine ear, nose, throat and head and neck surgeries we perform Endoscopic Skull base procedures (for CSF rhinorrhoea, Pituitary adenoma excision), advance Microear surgery for Cochlear Implants, Stapedectomy, Canal atresia, Facial nerve decompression) major head and neck cases like Laryngectomy, Maxillectomy, Parotidectomy, Thyroidectomy, parapharyngeal tumours, Phonosurgery for Voice disorder and also cosmetic procedure like Rhinoplasty.  Apart from that, we routinely handle cases of Laryngotracheal and facial trauma.

The department has a well equipped audio-vestibular laboratory too, with provision for routine hearing, as well as, special tests for screening of hearing impaired patients and advanced tests for early detection of hearing impairment of new borns. Our department has a state of the art computerized software (Doctor Speech) assisted speech evaluation facility for voice analysis and voice therapy. The speech laboratory caters to patients with stammering/speech and language disorders and has facility for BERA, OAE, ASSR and Videonystagmography, as well.



Qualifications : M.B.B.S., MS (E.N.T)

Designation : Professor & Head

Teaching Experience :  18 years                              

Publications : 154

Special Interest : Cochlear implant surgery, Thyroid surgery, Otology, Rhinology

Awards: Gold medal in temporal bone dissection UP chapter (2000)

Silver medal in original research paper North Zone AOI (2001)

Gold medal in ENT Postgraduate quiz the North Zone AOI (2003)

Gold medal in consultant quiz North Zone Thyroid Society (2010, 2012, 2013)

Best junior consultant award AOI, UP chapter (2012)

Gold medal in consultant quiz Uttarakhand AOI chapter (2013)

Best clinician award of Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust (2015)

Jewel of India award-Indian solidarity council, New Delhi, in the field of medical education (2015)


Qualifications : M.B.B.S., MS (E.N.T.)

Designation : Associate Professor

Teaching Experience : 08 years

Publications : 06

Special Interest : Otology & Rhinology


Qualifications : M.B.B.S., MS (E.N.T), D.N.B

Designation : Assistant Professor  

Teaching Experience : 09 years

Publications : 33

Special Interest : Head & Neck surgery


Qualifications : M.B.B.S., MS (E.N.T)

Designation : Assistant Professor

Teaching Experience : 08 years

Publications : 01

Special Interest : Head & Neck surgery, Rhinology