Psychiatric illness is a major contributor to human suffering. A large number of persons are suffering from depression, schizophrenia, epilepsy and may commit suicide. We are aware of these shifting trends of morbidity and mortality in humans and the changing need to gear up to face the challenges. The Under-graduate (MBBS) students in the institute during their career go through lectures on various aspects of Psychiatry and undergo clinical exposure.

As a post graduate (MD-Psychiatry) student, they are trained to provide clinical services in the daily Outpatients Department (about 27,000 patients attend per annum), offer inpatients care (30 beds - about 350 admissions in a year) and emergency/casualty service. One senior resident and one consultant are available for guidance and supervision.

In addition, the department of Psychiatry runs various speciality services in the form of speciality clinics like Community Psychiatry clinic, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry clinic, De-addiction clinic, Sleep Disorder clinic, Geriatric Psychiatry clinic (includes memory clinic and Neuropsychiatry clinic).


The students are exposed to various clinical facets, laboratory investigation, and technological advancements in the field viz. video synchronized Level I polysomnography, overnight attended manual CPAP/Bi-PAP titration, extended montage for movement disorder, screening of drugs of abuse in body fluids and various biochemical tests to assess health damage including neuro-imaging.

The training programme is comprehensive and covers all the major and minor psychiatric illness including super speciality branch of psychiatry. The training is supervised and monitored and the students interact with the faculty closely and day to day basis. Besides these, the students regularly hold Seminars, Book Reviews, Group Discussions, Journal Presentations, Research Fora, Thesis Presentations and Case Conferences. The environment in the department is friendly and conducive to learning.

Other clinical facilities available in the department are: EEG monitored modified ECT, Community Psychiatry help-line, Family Counselling, Biofeedback, Psychometric assessment, Psychotherapy and Counselling.  Finally, the department/University provides ample opportunity to interact with allied disciplines related to brain and behaviour.



Qualifications : MBBS, MD (Psychiatry)

Designation :  Professor & Head

Teaching Experience : 40 Yrs                                

Publications : 21

Special Interest : Addiction Psychiatry

Awards : Member exports committee of WHO, United Nation Office of Drugs & Crime (UNODC) & Member Governing of the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB)


Qualifications : MBBS, MD Psychiatry, Ph.D, MAMS 

Designation :  Professor

Teaching Experience : 14 Yrs                                 

Publications : 61

Special Interest : Sleep Research

Awards :  In October 2014, won an award (Cash Award and Appreciation Certificate) in prestigious national level Business Innovation & Incubation competition for contributing in development of miniaturized, low cost, user-friendly Biofeedback devices from the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Indian Institute of Management (IIM- Ahmadabad & Economic Times). 

Certificate of Honor in an International conference on Global Commitment towards Inclusive Development of Persons with Disabilities in March 2012 from Indian Association of Rehabilitation Professional (IARP) & Rehabilitation Council Of India (RCI).

Cash award for the research paper publication (In the commentary Therapies in Clinical Practices-CTCP) in February 2012 from HIHT University.

Cash award for the research paper publication (In the Indian Journal of Pediatrics) in May 2011 from HIHT University.

In March 2011, honored with Appreciation Certificate by honorable Vice Chancellor for receiving the extramural research funds from ICSSR from HIHT University.