List of BASLP Journals (Online) – 2018
S. No. Journal Title Publisher Links
1 Advanced Arab Academy of Audiovestibulogy Journal Medknow
2 Brain & Language Elsevier
3 Computer Speech and Language (Partial Access) Elsevier
4 Egyptian Journal of Ear, Nose, Throat and Allied Sciences Elsevier
5 Hearing Research Elsevier
6 Journal of Communication Disorders Elsevier
7 Journal of Fluency Disorders Elsevier
8 Journal of Indian Speech Language and Hearing Association AISLHA
9 Journal of king Saud University – Language & Translations Elsevier
10 Journal of Laryngology and Voice (Only html available) Medknow
11 Journal of Memory & Language Elsevier
12 Journal of Visual Language & Computing (Partial Access) Elsevier
13 Journal of Voice Elsevier
14 Language & Communication (Partial Access) Elsevier
15 Language Science Elsevier
16 Lingua (Partial Access) Elsevier
17 Speech Communication (Partial Access) Elsevier
18 The Hearing Journal LWW