Microbiology, the science that deals with the tiny creatures invisible to naked eye is considered to be the mother and microorganisms as the backbone for research in all biological sciences including biochemistry, genetics, evolution, biotechnology, genetic engineering, molecular biology and pharmaceutical sciences. Expertise in microbiology will enable students to exploit technology and help them to explore groundbreaking ideas in the fields of genetics, molecular biology, protein science, biophysics and computational biology. In this program, the students will be continually exposed to advanced instrumentation & techniques in state-of-the-art labs. Student engagement includes seminars, workshops, expert lectures and summer trainings in the field of molecular diagnostics.

Our program includes six months research work whereby a student is required to work on a project under the supervision of a faculty member and submit report on the research conducted. The specialization in the third semester in three areas i.e. medical microbiology, environmental microbiology & industrial microbiology is an added asset to our program.

The department has strong faculty with varied expertise and training in terms of Doctoral & Post-doctoral work experience. The emphasis on practical training of the students make them professionally more competent so they may compete successfully at National or International level.

Employment Opportunities

Microbiology has a wide scope because of its involvement in various fields such as pharmacy, medicine, clinical research, agriculture, food, nanotechnology, and biochemical technology. Students may thus pursue careers in various industries/ sectors such as cosmetics & toiletries, food & beverage production, pharmaceutical industries, hotel industry, Government legal bodies i.e. public health, grant management, military, research & development etc.

Jobs can be found such as Quality Control Officers, Quality Assurance Officers (Microbiology), Safety Officers, Healthcare Officers, Scientists, Academicians, Journal Editorial Staff/ Science Writers, post-doctoral fellowships.