This department is multi-disciplinary and complements the needs of all academic units at SRHU. Students get an opportunity to interweave and integrate their creative and analytical abilities.


Applied Chemistry:  In this discipline, students learn concepts and techniques of chemistry and apply them in problem solving related to the various domains of engineering. Chemistry laboratory is well-equipped and supports research work in engineering chemistry.

Applied Mathematics: This discipline aims to give strong mathematical background to engineering students of all departments. It offers mathematical courses including complex variables, computational mathematics, discrete mathematics, probability and random processes, operation research etc. Numerical Analysis is specifically designed to meet the industry requirements in computer application.

Applied Physics: In this discipline, emphasis is on fundamental and applied concepts of physics. Access to Physics laboratory equipped with modern instruments provide students hands-on experience and understanding of the experimental evidence of the laws of physics.

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Name: Dr. Mukesh Bijalwan

Qualification: Ph.D, M.Sc-Mathematics

Designation: Associate Professor

Teaching Experience: 17.7 years

Publications: 10, Books : 4

Special Interest: Discrete Structures, Fluid Dynamics, Operation Research, Probability, Statistics & Random Processes

Name: Dr. Ashish Kumar

Qualification: PhD. Mathematics

Designation: Assistant Professor - Selection Grade

Teaching Experience: 13 years

Publications: 12 & 1 Chapters

Special Interest:  Fixed Point Theory, Operator theory

Name: Dr. Sanjeev Kimothi

Qualification: PhD. Physics

Designation: Assistant Professor

Teaching Experience: 17 years

Publications: 8 & 2 Chapters

Special Interest:  Atmospheric & Radiation Physics, Remote Sensing Applications

Awards: Certificate of Merit-2012 for research from Graphic Era University.

Name: Mrs Anubha Nagalia

Qualification:  M.A. (English), UGC-NET, U-SET, Pursuing Ph.D.

Designation: Assistant Professor -  Junior Scale

Teaching Experience: 5 + years

Publications:  1

Special Interest: Indian English Literature

Name: Ms. Papori Sarmah

Qualification: M.A. Sociology, UGC-NET, U-SET

Designation: Assistant Professor -  Junior Scale

Teaching Experience: 3 Years

Special Interest: Gender Studies, Criminology & Industrial Sociology

Awards: University Topper Gold Medal (2014)

Name: Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Choudhary

Qualification: M.Sc., GATE, NET, Ph.D.

Designation: Assistant Professor -  Junior Scale

Teaching Experience: 3 years

Publications: 15

Special Interest: Water Conservation and Wastewater Pollution Control

Name: Dr. Amit Anthwal

Qualification:  MSc. [Organic Chemistry], Ph.D.

Designation: Assistant Professor

Teaching Experience: 8 years

Publications:  8

Special Interest: Organic synthesis and Synthesis of molecules with biological activity.

Name: Dr. Nitesh Kumar Baunthiyal

Qualification: MA, SET, NET, PhD. (English)

Designation: Assistant Professor -  Junior Scale

Teaching Experience: 7 years

Publications: 3

Special Interest: Professional Communication, English Literature, Diaspora Literature, Phonetics

Name: Dr. Vivek Katiyar

Qualification: M.Sc., B.Ed, Ph.D (Mathematics)

Designation: Assistant Professor -  Junior Scale

Teaching Experience: 7 years

Publications: 2

Special Interest: Differentiation, Algebra, Differential Equation

Name: Dr. Dinesh Singh Rawat

Qualification: Ph.D. (U.S.A), Postdoc (USA)

Designation: Assistant Professor -  Senior Scale

Teaching Experience: 14 years

Industrial Experience: 2

Publications: 25

Special Interest: Study of Nanomaterials for Energy Applications