This department is multi-disciplinary and complements the needs of all academic units at SRHU. Students get an opportunity to interweave and integrate their creative and analytical abilities.

Applied Sciences  

Applied Chemistry:  Students learn techniques and its application to problem solving in Chemical engineering. Chemistry laboratory is well equipped and supports research work in engineering chemistry.

Applied Mathematics: This discipline helps the students in Computational Techniques, Discrete Structure and Computer Applications. Besides, Numerical Analysis is specifically designed to meet the industry requirements in computer application.

Applied Physics: In this discipline, emphasis is on fundamental and applied concepts of physics. Access to Physics laboratory equipped with modern instruments  provides students hands-on experience and experimental evidence to the laws of physics.

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Name: Dr. Mukesh Bijalwan

Qualification: Ph.D, M.Sc-Mathematics

Designation: Associate Professor

Teaching Experience: 17.7 years

Publications: 10, Books : 4

Special Interest: Discrete Structures, , Fluid Dynamics, Operation Research, Probability, Statistics & Random Processes



Name: Dr. Ashish Kumar

Qualification: PhD. Mathematics

Designation: Assistant Professor

Teaching Experience: 13 years

Publications: 12 & 1 Chapters

Special Interest:  Fixed Point Theory, Operator theory



Name: Dr. SanjeevKimothi

Qualification: PhD. Physics

Designation: Assistant Professor

Teaching Experience: 17 years

Publications: 8 & 2 Chapters

Special Interest:  Atmospheric & Radiation Physics, Remote Sensing Applications

Awards: Certificate of Merit-2012 for research from Graphic Era University.


Name: Dr. Sunil Kumar

Qualification: M.Sc., MCA, Ph.D.

Designation: Assistant Professor (Mathematics)

Teaching Experience: 18+ years

Publications: 13

Special Interest: Theoretical Astrophysics, Mathematical Programming and Computation


Name: Mrs AnubhaNagalia

Qualification:  M.A. (English), UGC-NET, U-SET, Pursuing Ph.D.

Designation: Assistant Professor [English]

Teaching Experience: 5 + years

Publications:  1

Special Interest: Indian English Literature



Name: Ms. Papori Sarmah

Qualification: M.A. Sociology, UGC-NET, U-SET

Designation: Assistant Professor

Teaching Experience: 3 Years

Special Interest:  Gender Studies, Criminology & Industrial Sociology

Awards: University Toper Gold Medal (2014)



Name: Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Choudhary

Qualification: M.Sc., GATE, NET, Ph.D.

Designation: Assistant Professor (Environmental Science)

Teaching Experience: 3 years

Publications: 15

Special Interest: Water Conservation and Wastewater Pollution Control 



Name: Dr. Amit Anthwal

Qualification:  MSc. [Organic Chemistry], Ph.D.

Designation: Assistant Professor [Chemistry]

Teaching Experience: 8 years

Publications:  8

Special Interest: Organic synthesis and Synthesis of molecules with biological activity.



Name: Dr. Nitesh Kumar Baunthiyal

Qualification: MA, SET, NET, PhD. (English)

Designation: Assistant Professor

Teaching Experience: 7 years

Publications: 3

Special Interest: Professional Communication, English Literature, Diaspora Literature, Phonetics



Name: Dr. Vivek Katiyar

Qualification: M.Sc., B.Ed, Ph.D (Mathematics)

Designation: Assistant Professor

Teaching Experience: 7 years

Publications: 2

Special Interest: Differentiation,Algebra,Differential Equation



Name: Dr. Dinesh Singh Rawat

Qualification: Ph. D. (U.S.A), Postdoc (USA)

Designation: Assistant Professor

Teaching Experience: 14 years

Industrial Experience: 2

Publications: 25

Special Interest: Study of Nanomaterials for Energy Applications