The aim of the Department is to contribute towards the advancement of Computational Technologies and provide industry with skilled resources in engineering and other fields requiring computing skills. It strives to impart high quality technical education in theory, design, development and application of computer systems and information processing techniques. We also have a collaboration with IBM for joint teaching and certification in niche areas of IT such as Cloud Computing & Virtualization, Cyber Security & Forensics and Data Science.

Exposure is given to the students from Microsoft valuable licensing subscription to Visual Studio 2012, Dos Box, GCC, Turbo C along with MSDN academic alliance. Students will have access to well-furnished laboratories with modern and advanced infrastructure and a wide range of licensed software (such as MySQL 2012 express edition,Tally-9, Turbo C++, JDK, Visual Studio Professional 2012, WAMP-2.5, Cisco packet tracer v6.0.1) that provide a distributed computing environment.

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Name: Mr.  Bineet Kumar Joshi

Qualification:  M.Tech. (Pursuing Ph.D), UGC-NET

Designation: Assistant Professor

Teaching Experience: 11 years

Special Interest:  Cloud Computing, Software-Defined Networks

Publications: 17



Name: Mr. Pradeep Bedi

Qualification: B.Tech., M.Tech., UGC-NET, GATE

Designation: Assistant Professor

Teaching Experience: 13 years

Publications: 7

Special Interest: Compiler Design, Big Data Analytics

Awards: Academic Excellence Award in 2011 and 1st prize at Blue Sphere Technology Pvt. Ltd. in 2010



Name: Mr. Arpit Goel

Qualification: B.Tech (CSE), M.Tech (CSE), Pursuing Ph.D. and GATE

Designation: Assistant Professor

Teaching Experience: 3 year

Industry Experience: 1 year

Special Interest: Programming Language, Data Structure, Theory of Computation, Operating System, Compiler

Publications: 4

Award: e-Yantra TBT-2016 Challenge Class-A Certificate from IIT-BOMBAY


Name: Mr. Prabhat Kumar Yadav

Qualification: B.Tech(CSE), M.Tech (IT), UCG-NET Qualified , Pursuing  PhD(JMI-New Delhi).

Designation: Assistant Professor

Teaching Experience: 13 years

Publications: 2

Special Interest:  Computer Network, OOPS, Data Compression, Smart Grid

Awards: Got a Commendation Certificate from Director general ( KIET, 2007)


Name: Mr. Deepak Srivastava

Qualification: B.Tech(IT), M.Tech(CSE), Phd.(CSE) pursuing

Designation: Assistant Professor

Teaching Experience: 6 years

Industry Experience: 1 year

Publications: 2

Special Interest: Operating System, Real time system and Computer Network.


Name: Mr. Satyendra Singh Rawat

Qualification: B.E. (CSE), M.Tech. (CSE)

Designation: Assistant Professor

Teaching Experience: 10 Years

Special Interest: Web Security

Publications: 05 

Award: GATE 2012 qualified



Name: Mr. Gaurav Sharma

Qualification: B.Tech(IT), M.Tech(CSE), Phd.(CSE) pursuing

Designation: Assistant Professor

Teaching Experience: 7 years 

Special Interest: Computer Networks, Web Development, SEO, Image Processing, NLP




Name: Mrs. Anupama Mishra

Qualification: M.Tech(CSE)

Designation: Assistant Professor

Teaching Experience: 10 Years

Publications: 7(Journals & Conferences-International/National)Workshop/Conferences Organized: 5Workshop/Conferences Attended: 8

Special Interest:  Network Security, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Information Security, Cluster Computing

Awards: Reviewer at IEEE Access, Springer, InderSciences , IGI Journals,ISTE Membership,IBM RAD V6.0 Certification.


Name: Mr. Yogesh Pant

Qualification: Diploma (CSE), B.Tech (CSE), M.Tech (CSE)

Designation: Assistant Professor

Teaching Experience: 2 Years

Publications: 2 (IEEE Xplore)

Special Interest: Data Structure, Design Analysis of Algorithm, Software engineering, Operating System,Visual Studio- (web & windows Application), Wireless Sensor Networks, Artificial Intelligent.


Name: Mr. Dheresh Soni

Qualification: B.E. – IT, M.E. - CSE (Perusing Ph.D - CSE)

Designation: Assistant Professor

Teaching Experience: 9.5 Years

Special Interest: Cloud Computing, Security

Publication: 09

Name: Dr. S. Murugan

Qualification: Ph.D

Designation: Associate Professor

Teaching Experience: 22 Years

Industry Experience: 04 Years

Special Interest: Informatics

Publication: 40

Name: Mr. Vibhor Sharma

Qualification: Pursuing Ph.D., M.Tech. (CSE),B.Tech. (CSE), Diploma (Information Technology)

Designation: Assistant Professor

Teaching Experience: 7 Years

Special Interest: Programming Languages (‘C’ & Java), DBMS, Wireless Sensor Networks

Publication: 12

Awards: Silver Medalist in M.Tech. (UTU)

Name: Mr. Pushpendra Bisht

Qualification: M.Tech., UGC-NET, U-SET

Designation: Assistant Professor

Teaching Experience: 1.10 Years

Special Interest: Data Structures & Algorithms

Publication: 01

Awards: Best Paper award in NCRAST-2015