Students are prepared to successfully engage in careers in mechanical engineering. The programs provide comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge in the latest techniques of CNC based Manufacturing, Automation, Automobile, Thermal Engineering and CAD Designing.

Students are engaged in innovative projects in modern labs/workshops under faculty members who are involved in high quality research.

Students also get exposure to industry through (plant) visits, industrial training, industry based elective courses and guest lectures by corporate experts.

Major laboratories in the department

Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing along with CNC Machines

IC. Engines & Applied Thermodynamics

Computer Aided designing & Drafting with Auto CAD 2018 & Creo 3.0 Lab

Mechanical Measurements & Metrology Lab, Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machine Lab

Heat and Mass Transfer, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab

Employment Opportunities

Mechanical Engineers can find employment both in the government and private sector undertakings. Major industries for mechanical engineers are automobiles, space research, aeronautical, energy & utilities, air conditioning, bio-mechanics industry, etc.

Mechanical Engineers have job opportunities in Research and Development (R&D), Design, Production, Analysis and Testing, Installation, and Maintenance.


Name: Mr. Kuldeep Pathoee

Qualifications: B.E., M.Tech (NIT Rourkela).

Designation: Assistant Professor -  Junior Scale

Teaching Experience: 5+ years

Publication: 02

Special interest: Alternative fuel, I.C engines, Thermal Field, Drawing software’s.

Name: Mr. Manoj Kumar

Qualifications: B.Tech, M.Tech (IIT-ISM Dhanabad).

Designation: Assistant Professor -  Junior Scale

Teaching Experience: 07 years

Publication: 01

Special interest:  Applied Thermodynamics, Rheological Properties of Fluid.

Name: Mr. Sandeep Kumar

Qualifications: B.Tech. M.Tech. (NIT Hamirpur)

Designation: Assistant Professor -  Junior Scale

Teaching Experiencing: 5+ Years

Publications: 7 (4 International & National Journals, 3 Conferences)

Special Interest: Theory of Machines, CAD-CAM, CNC Machines, Design of Machine Elements, Engineering Drawing, Machine Drawing, Auto CAD, Creo, Engineering Mechanics

Name: Mr. Prashant Raturi

Qualifications: B.Tech, M. Tech (Thermal Engineering)

Designation: Assistant Professor -  Junior Scale

Teaching Experience: 4 years

Publication: 2

Special interest:  Solar Energy, Thermal Storage, CFD

Name: Mr. Balbir Singh Negi

Qualification: B.Tech., M.Tech (NIT Jalandhar)

Designation: Assistant Professor -  Junior Scale

Teaching Experience: 3 years

Publications: 1

Special Interest:  Manufacturing Technology and Production Engg.