Honda VP interacts with students of GHSST Toli Campus, Pauri

As part of ‘GHSST Talks’, Honda Company Vice-President, Praveen Nautiyal, interacted with the students of Gauri Himalayan School of Science and Technology (GHSST) Toli Campus Pauri, SHRU.

Nautiyal shared his life’s experience with the young students and explained to them the relevance of skills and specific needs of the industry.

GHSST Hill Campus Toli, Dudharkhal Pauri is amongst Swami Rama Himalayan University initiatives, that was formally inaugurated in the year 2018.

GHSST has been planned keeping in mind the future of the youth living in the far-flung areas of the state. Therefore the guest lecture by Nautiyal was relevant to their future careers. He pointed out that the students of Toli and adjoining areas will not have to venture out for higher education with GHSST being a good neighborhood opportunity. He emphasized that job-focused training is significant to prepare candidates for specific requirements identified by the industry.

The villagers have hailed the setting up of GHSST in their neighborhood. It is common knowledge that students after completing schooling in the mountains migrate to the cities in search of higher education, jobs and better future. Now living in the mountains, the students of GHSST can get quality higher education at subsidized rates.