Bronchoscopy Useful in Treating Lung Diseases

A workshop was organized at Himalayan Hospital, Jollygrant, on how to better use bronchoscopy in the treatment of patients. During this event, expert doctors imparted detailed and important information about bronchoscopy to the participants.

The Department of Chest and Respiratory Diseases at the Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences conducted a two-day workshop on basic and rigid bronchoscopy in interventional pulmonology. The workshop was inaugurated by SRHU Vice-Chancellor Dr. Rajendra Dobhal. He stated that bronchoscopy is an essential tool for doctors and healthcare providers treating lung diseases. He urged the participants to make the most of the workshop.

Dr. Rajeev Goyal, Director of Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital, explained that during the bronchoscopy procedure, a thin tool is used to examine the patient's respiratory tract, throat, trachea, and airway system. He mentioned that bronchoscopy can diagnose issues in the airway, tracheal lymph nodes, chest, throat, and lungs.

Dr. Rakhi Khanduri, Secretary of the workshop organizing committee, said that bronchoscopy is used to detect respiratory tract problems such as bleeding, difficulty in breathing, or a long-standing cough. It is also used to take samples of mucus or tissues for examination from the chest, lymph nodes, or lungs. Additionally, this procedure is employed to confirm cancer diagnosis, remove blockages in the airway, examine and treat the airway, and control bleeding.

Experts from AIIMS Delhi, AIIMS Rishikesh, SRMS Bareilly, PGI Chandigarh, and Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute provided hands-on training to participants in skills and simulation labs. Present on the occasion were Dr. Vijendra Chauhan, Director of Academic Development; Dr. Hemchandra Pandey, Director of Hospital Services; Dr. Sushant Khanduri; Dr. Varuna Jethani; Dr. Manoj Kumar; and Dr. Rahul Kumar Gupta, amongst others.