Since my childhood, I have always had this innate desire of being able to help people in need and have also always been interested in how the human body works, repairs itself and can be improved through more exercise. To learn more about physiotherapy and various techniques I decided to pursue my Post Graduation from HIMS Jolly Grant. A career in Physiotherapy is extremely rewarding and fruitful, and working alongside highly trained physiotherapists will definitely help me in making useful contributions in the area of health. SRHU is one of the leading institutes to mold an individual into a successful therapist. The level of education along with clinical practice incorporating various techniques to heel a person’s condition is way beyond comparison. Research is made easy by the help of teachers which is like a dream come true. I decided to do my post-graduation from HIMS because teachers are like a family here. I am just a branch getting all the nurturing and waiting to bloom into a successful therapist.