The Department of Paramedical Sciences, under Faculty of Medicine, aims to be a Centre of Excellence and deliver high quality teaching-learning in areas of Paramedics. We enable our students to be technical experts and support medical professionals to impart improved healthcare to society. Our department adopts multi-disciplinary approach and engages students through a wide range of advanced academic activities such as conferences, seminars, special workshops, research based projects, assignments, etc. Access to 1200 bed teaching hospital, NABL accredited labs, sophisticated operation theatres etc., provide an exposure to students on wide spectrum of diseases and them up-to-date on the latest developments in the field.

We have a highly competent team of faculty with a combination of both clinical & academia, who not only provide theoretical knowledge but also empower students with applied skills such as field postings, patient interactions, training in simulated environments to deal with invasive procedures, exposure to critical patients, etc.

With the expanding technological advancement in the healthcare industry, there is an upsurge in demand for skilled paramedical professionals. This has opened career avenues in hospitals, public health laboratories, pharmaceuticals, medical instrument sector and research. Besides, private practice or specialization through fellowship programs in different branches of the related course may be undertaken.


-  Interactive and integrative learning

-  Most Concurrent Teaching and Learning Aids

-  Constant exposure to frontier areas of Paramedics

-  Access to 1200 bed super-specialty hospital

-  Sophisticated and advanced laboratories

-  Field postings & patient interaction