World Childhood Cancer Day commemorated at Himalayan Hospital

Himalayan Hospital in Jollygrant organized awareness programs on World Childhood Cancer Day. Dr. Sunil Saini, director of Cancer Research Institute (CRI), emphasized that cancer in children can be treated successfully with timely and appropriate interventions, providing hope for a normal life. Gifts were distributed to the young cancer patients during the event, and their enthusiasm was evident. The Cancer Research Institute administration uplifted the spirits of these children from Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh, who are battling cancer affecting blood, brain, and kidney. Dr. Sunil Saini urged parents not to discriminate against these children but to support and encourage them in their fight against the disease. The event saw the presence of cancer specialists like Dr. Meenu Gupta, Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad, Dr. Ashok Devaradi, and Dr. Vipul Nautiyal.