The healthcare industry has been expanding greatly, and specialized professionals like hospital/ health administrators are crucial to running the operations of healthcare organizations efficiently and effectively.

The Hospital Administration department, under Faculty of Medicine at SRHU, has been established with the aim to enable individuals to develop as leaders by equipping them with both business management and healthcare administration skills, with the objective to deliver high quality teaching-learning to match the needs of the continuing advancements in healthcare industry.

A student-centric methodology is adopted to enhance the learning experience. Students get an exposure to daily practical work in the hospital, inter-disciplinary programs & projects, guest lectures, group activities, discussions etc. External exposure includes healthcare conferences, seminars, workshops, health camps, and field visits to other healthcare facilities.

The department has a qualified team of faculty members with a combination of both research and academia; holding higher degrees in Healthcare/ Hospital administration from well-known institutions.

The Masters in Hospital Administration (MHA) students are taught how to deal with economic, social, ethical, political, legal and operational challenges that hospital managers and administrators face in running healthcare facilities. On successful completion of the course, students are capable of dealing with project planning, finance, marketing and operations that are relevant to the healthcare industry.

Job roles are diverse varying from healthcare finance managers, healthcare facility planners, hospital department specific managers, hospital managers/administrators/ directors and healthcare consultants. Opportunities abound in the areas of managing hospitals, healthcare IT, health insurance, healthcare marketing, academics and research, training, healthcare consultation, etc. in public, private or non-government organizations of national or global repute.


-  1200 bed hospital for In-campus practical training

-  Interactive, Integrative and experiential learning

-  Research and Academic Interface

-  Advanced Learning and Teaching Methodology

Mentorship and Personality Development Programs


Master of Hospital Administration (MHA)

The program aims at developing knowledge and skills on management and administration of healthcare facilities. Students are trained in Hospital Operations, Hospital Policies, Quality Assurance, Public Health, Basic Medical Sciences, Healthcare Marketing and Hospital Information System etc.

This program is designed to give students an exposure to various departments of the Hospital. Students receive training, guidance and mentoring from the competent and practicing faculty in the Himalayan Hospital.

This program prepares you to assume the responsibilities of Executive/ Manager/ Asst. Hospital Administrator/ Administrator in a government, semi-government, corporate or charitable hospital or other healthcare organizations. MHA graduates are capable of dealing with finance, marketing and operations relevant to the healthcare industry.

Employment Opportunities

Students will find job opportunities in all kind of Government or Private Healthcare institutions in appointments like Medical and Health Services Managers, Hospital Administrators, Clinic Managers, Hospital Consultants, Healthcare Finance Managers and Coordinators in various hospital departments.

There are vast opportunities in other related businesses such as Health Insurance companies, Hospital Consulting firms, Medical Software companies, in global health organizations or NGOs working in the healthcare sector.