Himalayan School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

The goal of Himalayan School of Pharmaceutical Sciences is to provide high-quality education in pharmacy. We warmly invite all interested young students; those want to cater their career in pharmacy in uttarakhand. SRHU’s lively and vibrant academic pharmacy community ready to experience the learning environment that places a strong emphasis on collaboration, creativity, and an interdisciplinary approach. The opportunities are wide open to those interested in pursuing quality pharmacy education in an academically oriented as well as aesthetically & philanthropic university. We support the growth of knowledge, attitudes, and professional-essential abilities. Our faculty consists of academicians and researchers who help students connect with the social and professional worlds. Along with providing much-needed inter-disciplinary elements, the experience faculty of HSPS and SRHU are also encouraged and supported in combining and growing in their various academic fields.

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We are making conscious efforts at Himalayan School of Pharmaceutical Sciences to become proactive in identifying impending issues and challenges in the new pharmaceutical educational system. Naturally, this would involve a gamut of steps for analyzing, brain storming, benchmarking, exploring the scope for improvement and implementing the necessary steps. Thus, new initiatives in building a new pharmacy culture are based on a shared vision and mission. We have to nurture future budding pharmacist, we have to nurture our school, university and finally we have to nurture our teachers and other associated staff members.

Our college is under the aegis of one of the top university of north india. It is unique like a prism reflecting the manifold shades of learning and co-curricular activities. The objective is not only to train the professionals, but also to cultivate certain good qualities, values and discipline which would make the better citizen. The intention of HSPS is to nurtures and molds the students to enter in the rapid fast changing pragmatic world yet maintaining the sensitivity in them about the pharmaceutical world. We are confident that our students will emerge as assets not only to HSPS and to the SRHU, but also to country at large.



1. Department of Pharmaceutics

The manufacturing, formulation, and distribution of dosage forms or pharmaceutical products are all covered in the pharmaceutics. About the Analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, microbiology, drug regulatory affairs, and biopharmaceutics must all be fully understood. The heart of the pharmacy curriculum is pharmaceutics, which covers the production, storage, preservation, use, and pharmacokinetics of pharmacological products. It also involves the research of advanced drug delivery systems, nanotechnology based delivery systems, and biotechnology based drug delivery systems. The pharmaceutic department is involved in teaching students about many aspects of cutting-edge pharmaceutics and cutting-edge drug delivery technologies. The department is well equipped with modern research laboratories and an including a well-equipped industrial pharmacy laboratory (Machine room) having all modern equipments essential for carrying our regular as well as research activities in pharmaceutics.

2. Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry is an integral part of a pharmacy education program, as it covers several aspects of new drug discovery and development. The collaborative research environment within the department and with other departments of the institute will expose students to a wide array of modern state of art research not only in the pharmaceutical sciences but also interdisciplinary research, invaluable for a successful career in the chosen field. The faculty members of this department are deep-rooted in synthetic, analytical, material chemistry, computational and biochemistry. The department is flourished from this base and currently represents world-class knowledge in structure prediction, analysis and interpretation, synthetic and chemical biology. The curriculum includes extensive lectures as well as laboratory sessions to ensure that students can connect theory to practice and apply their theoretical knowledge gained.

3. Department of Pharmacology

Pharmacology is all about “finding out how drugs work”. It is concerned with the effects of drugs on living organisms and their components such as cells, membranes, organelles, enzymes and DNA, Pharmacology affects us all, almost every day. The Department of Pharmacology is at the forefront of research into the effects of drugs and other molecules on biological systems with a view to understanding the mechanisms of the human body. Pre-clinical research in the department aims to screen new lead molecules upon living systems as the first step towards a greater understanding of disease and effective treatment.

4. Department of Pharmacognosy

Pharmacognosy is a discipline related with separation of medicines from plants, animals and minerals. It needs a complete understanding of botany, chemistry, quality control and pharmacology of medicines form natural sources. Development of herbal drugs is done by amalgamating the traditional knowledge, modern science and modern technologies.. The department is well equipped with an undergraduate research laboratory, a crude drug museum & herbarium specimens of several plant materials; and modern equipments essential for extraction and isolations of natural medicinal products.


  • Research driven & Innovative faculty, from topnotch institutes/university of the country
  • Advanced modular laboratories with highly sophisticated instruments.
  • For developing interpersonal skills, communication skills, soft skills and personality development extra efforts on students are made by strong team of training and placement throughout the year.
  • Committed to special emphasis on extracurricular activities for multifaceted development of students.
  • Unparalleled Teaching Learning Process (Smart Class Rooms/ Labs. & Seminar Hall equipped with Pharmacy software).
  • Committed to best program for fulfilling our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • Committed to provide the strong and robust clinical practices along with general studies due to having their own renowned Himalayan hospital, Jollygrant.


  • UG
    B.Sc. Medical Technology – Laboratory (BMLT)
    • B.Pharm courses in India offer promising career prospects in the growing pharmaceutical industry.
    • The curriculum of B.Pharm programs covers various pharmaceutical sciences, providing comprehensive knowledge and practical skills.
    • B.Pharm courses emphasize regulatory compliance, preparing students for roles in drug development, manufacturing, and quality assurance.


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