Cancer Research Institute (CRI) provides opportunities for research in various aspects of oncological sciences. It's the largest referral center in Uttarakhand for comprehensive cancer care, providing services for multimodality cancer treatment and research. It is supported by modern imaging and laboratory and pathology services. 

CRI is a unique platform for clinical, laboratory, paramedical, nursing and basic sciences faculty to work together. It is staffed by full time as well as adjunct faculty members drawn from Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences, School of Biosciences, and School of Nursing providing opportunities for interdisciplinary research in oncology. 

Academic environment at CRI enables researchers to develop understanding of cancer biology, clinical behavior and progression of cancer and learn principles of cancer control in a broader perspective including an introduction to various treatment modalities such as radiation, chemotherapy and surgical management, concepts of organ & function preservation, palliative and supportive care. CRI mandates a multidisciplinary working and socially oriented care focused on affordable, cost effective and integrated services.  

Targeted Research Areas in Cancer Research Institute:

Researchers from diverse background may pursue PhD program in various aspects of cancer research such as:

Clinical Oncology,

Pathological and Laboratory Diagnosis,

Radiology and Imaging,

Community Oncology,

Cancer Prevention,

Palliative and Supportive Oncology,

Drug Development and Clinical Trials,

Nursing and Psychosocial Issues in Oncology.  

Research facilities:

LINAC (Mid Energy) Unit, LINAC (High Energy) Unit, Micro Selectron HDR Brachytherapy Unit, CT Simulator Unit, Treatment Planning System, MP3-M TBA  RFA Unit, Radiation measuring Instruments: Cylindrical, Plan parallel & Well type Ionization Chambers, VIDAR Film Scanner, Radiation monitoring instruments Survey Meters, Contamination monitor, Gamma Camera Unit, Hot Lab are available for research.