Innovation & Entrepreneurship

R&D Activities at the University

Faculty members, staff, and students (internal stakeholders) at the University are continuously engaged with extensive R&D activities in several cutting-edge research areas. They are encouraged to file patents/copyrights, where filing costs are borne by the University. Incentives are given to faculty and students covering publication charges, seed money, etc. Those who obtain extra-mural research funding receive additional incentives.

Promoting Entrepreneurship

In order to translate research outcomes into commercial products and benefit society, the University encourages entrepreneurship among internal stakeholders. Activities related to entrepreneurship are supported with incubation from the Himalayan Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (HCIE).

Activity Area in University & Adjoining Areas

Activities or businesses resulting from R&D activities at the University are subject to the terms and conditions of the University Entrepreneurship Policy and approval from competent authorities. Startups from adjoining areas are also encouraged/allowed to incubate, contributing to the development of an entrepreneurship culture.

Available Facilities & Policy

HCIE offers a co-working space, research labs, computer workstations, fabrication lab, and mentorship support from domain experts. The National Student and Faculty Startup Policy 2019 guides the framework, aiming for an educational system oriented towards entrepreneurship.

Output of Incubation Centre

HCIE encourages startups in areas including but not limited to agriculture, health science, medical technologies, community ventures, social entrepreneurship, and cutting-edge technologies. Some of the startups that have received incubation include:

  1. MEQ Academy Pvt Ltd: Deals in providing training for improving soft skills and helps make students industry-ready.
  2. Jasarena India Pvt Ltd: Engaged in skill development through professional training, coaching, and consultancy.
  3. Canfinis Therapeutics Pvt Ltd: Aims to develop personalized cell therapies to treat cancer.
  4. Himfla Pvt Ltd: Aims to sell unprocessed raw Himalayan salt as a premium product across India.