The Himalayan School of Bio Sciences offers life science courses and is ranked among the top biotechnology colleges in Dehradun, Uttarakhand due to its strong commitment to translational research, impact, and industrial application with a substantial portfolio of enterprise, activity, and expertise. It was established with the objective to deliver high-quality education and training in advanced areas of Life Sciences.

The department is a Center of Excellence (CoE) delivering high quality teaching-learning experience in frontier areas of Biosciences and helps to develop a holistic view for the generation of quality human resources.

The students imbibe creative ability, technical skills & skillful research acumen that stimulates their minds to become independent learners and carry out high quality research in the area of interdisciplinary sciences. With adoption of multi-disciplinary approach, the department is endowed with basic and applied teaching & research facilities as per the existing and future requirement of the Global Market.

As the best college for microbiology, the students passing out of Bio Sciences programs can find jobs in the areas of research or industry viz. pharmaceutical, biochemical, food, dairy, agriculture, etc.


Teaching & Training

Our Student-centric pedagogy stimulates learning and deep understanding of the subject.

The School has a wide range of Progressive & professionally recognized academic activities with emphasis on practical learning, innovation, skill development and exposure to the latest advancements in Bio Sciences.

Learning happens through Lectures, laboratory sessions, guest lectures by industry experts,tutorials, industry visits, workshops, seminars, inter-disciplinary programs, projects, group activities, one-on-one discussions, using multimedia and digital platforms. In addition, hands-on experience in specialist labs, conferences, seminars, special workshops, research-based projects, assignments/field projects, and practical work help student deepen their understanding on the specialist area.

Students have ample opportunities to attend and participate in the conferences, seminars, special workshops, research based projects, assignments/ field projects, and practical work.



The entire teaching faculty of biosciences has doctoral degrees and is a combination of both industry & academia.



Our Placement Cell has exceptional links with industry and leading research institutions and are a willing team to provide ‘Summer Internship’ and 100% placement support.

HSBS students have got placement in various organization such as Akums Drugs, Biological E., IntasBhaddi,Kuick Market research, Patanjali Foods Limited, Natural Herbs& Formulations Ltd, East African Overseas, Central Silk Research Board etc. with a highest package INR 5 Lakhs p.a.

In addition, our students have earned scholarships for higher studies in BARC Bombay, IISc Bangalore, Indian Institute of Toxicology (IITR) Research, Lucknow



Choice Based
Credit System

100% summer
training assignments

  • Consistent exposure in frontier areas of applied biosciences
  • Interactive and integrative learning
  • Sophisticated and advanced instrumentation facility
  • Most concurrent teaching and learning aids
  • 100% summer training assignments
  • Mentorship and personality development programs
  • Choice based credit system (CBCS) of education
  • Industry-academia interface


To become a renowned institution by inculcating scientific temper and values among learners in thrust areas of biological science.


To develop a scientific attitude among learners in the field of biological sciences enabling them to deal with challenges of healthcare, food, environment, agriculture and allied sectors for overall well-being of society.


  • UG
    B.Sc. Biotechnology at HSBS
    • Understand the fundamentals and build advanced knowledge of biotechnology and its different branches.
    • Carry out basic instrumentation with respect to DNA, isolation, purification, quantification and analysis.
    • Build and apply capabilities of traditional and modern tools & techniques, new technologies in the fields of biotechnology.
    • Efficiently comprehend & design scientific documentation, write case studies, research projects, make presentation, and communicate.
    B.Sc. Microbiology at HSBS
    • Understand the fundamentals and application of scientific concepts and methods of microbiology.
    • Acquire knowledge of microorganisms and translate the basics & current updates of microbiology into contemporary global issues.
    • Investigate, record and analyze data, critically evaluate information, undertake practical laboratory investigation and apply scientific thought on biological problems.
    • Effectively contribute as an individual or team member of healthcare delivery system and in managing infectious diseases.
  • PG
    Study M.Sc. Bio Chemistry at HSBS
    • Specialization in Medical biochemistry & cancer biology / Plant & food biochemistry / Biotechnology
    • Understand and apply the chemical knowledge and techniques on biological processes.
    • Acquire skills to explore and formulate specific experiments aimed at understanding molecular within and related to living organisms.
    • Acquire extensive research experience and develop deep understanding in the specialist area of biochemistry and broad understanding of molecular biosciences.
    • Effectively contribute as an individual or team member in R&D of both public and private sectors or other employment in biochemistry-based organizations.
    Study M.Sc. Biotechnology at HSBS
    • Specialization in Animal biotechnology & cancer / Plant biotechnology / Environmental biotechnology & industrial biotechnology / Bioprocess engineering
    • Gain understanding about the various fields of basic and advanced biotechnology, analyze and solve theoretical & applied biotechnological problems.
    • Acquire extensive research experience and develop deep understanding in the specialist area of biotechnology and broad understanding of molecular biosciences.
    • Analyze and evaluate information relevant to concepts and issues of contemporary biotechnology and competency for applied research.
    • Effectively contribute as an individual or team member in R&D of both public and private sectors or other employment in biotechnology-based organizations.
    M.Sc. Microbiology students at SRHU
    • Specialization in Medical microbiology / Environmental microbiology / Industrial microbiology
    • Understand and apply bimolecular knowledge and analytical skills at an advanced level
    • Acquire extensive research experience and develop deep understanding in the specialist area of microbiology and broad understanding of molecular biosciences
    • Effectively contribute as an individual or team member in R&D, food biosecurity, health, and environmental sustainability
    • Efficiently comprehend & design scientific documentation, write case studies, research projects, make presentation, and communicate


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Words are powerless to express my heartfelt gratitude towards all my professor for their unconditional effort. I enjoyed my every semester during my M.Sc. biotechnology coursework. Professor had steadfast diligence to teaching and made us comfortable with their approachable personal demeanor.

SRHU as a university shapes up the skill set of a student in meticulous manner. University has excellent professor who guide me whenever needed.

SRHU is an excellent choice for pursuing M.Sc. Microbiology, biotechnology and biochemistry. The university aims at making pedagogy professional stretching from local to global level and from classroom based to web based education.


Last Updated On:November 17, 2023

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