Biotechnology, an offshoot of Biochemistry/ Plant & Animal biology, includes microbiology, molecular biology, genetics, chemistry, biophysics, chemical & biochemical engineering.

The program not only helps develop skills required in the use and application of standard software for Bioinformatics but also enables a graduate student to acquire a range of subject related key skills to carry out independent scientific work/ interdisciplinary research, or venture into entrepreneurship.

Students will be able to carry out basic instrumentation with respect to DNA, isolation, purification, quantification and analysis. Students will also be able to apply a scientific approach to problems, expertise in laboratory techniques such as microscopy, spectrophotometry etc.

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    Employment Opportunities

    Biotechnology jobs in India can be found in the field of Drug and pharmaceutical researchPublic funded laboratoriesChemicalsEnvironment controlWaste managementEnergyFood processingBio-processing industries, Healthcare, Agriculture & Fisheries, Forensic Studies and Bio-farming.

    Jobs as Biostatistician, Calibration Technician, Research Assistant, Food Technologist, Food/ Industrial/ Environmental Biotechnologist, Scientific Laboratory Technician etc.