Awareness campaign held at Himalayan Hospital on World Heart Day

Physical Inactivity and Changing Lifestyle are the main reasons that cause cardiovascular diseases

An awareness campaign was held at Himalayan Hospital, Jolly Grant on World Heart Day to stimulate minds to become more mindful of their health. A poster exhibition organised on the day spread vital information on protection against heart diseases.

During the entire day OPD visitors as well staff members and students were provided information on safeguarding their lives from deadly heart diseases that are particularly related to lifestyle. They were told why it is mandatory to check their hearts and heart related issues regularly.

World Heart Day is observed every year on September 29th with an objective to raise awareness about the rising concerns of heart health and cardiovascular diseases and ways to prevent and treat the same. This year’s theme is ‘Use Heart for Every Heart.’

The Medical Surgical Nursing Department of Cardiology and Nursing College together observed the day. On this occasion, the Chief Medical Superintendent, Dr. SL Jethani, addressed a gathering of students and staff and reiterated that beating cardiovascular diseases is something that concerns every individual. This world Health Day all should take a pledge to make a difference for humanity, for nature and for one’s own self.

He underlined that this extremely important organ is affected by stress, fatigue, pollution and many other reasons. The aim of celebrating World Heart Day is to wake up everyone’s sense of awareness regarding heart diseases.

Dr. Mushtaq Ahmed said that heart disease has emerged as a serious illness in the world today. Every year, awareness about heart is spread. One of the biggest reasons for this disease is our lifestyle. In this era of technology we have become physically inactive. Stress in our present day lifestyle has increased considerably. Therefore it is difficult to do away with this disease completely. But as far as possible, adopting physical activity and healthy habits can control it.

Dr. Anurag Rawat, Department of Cardiology said that the heart constantly pumps and operates blood flow in the body. The heart communication system forms the core of blood supply in the human body and therefore its health cannot be ignored.

Dr. Chandmohan Beldwal said that the growing number of heart ailments in the youth is becoming a matter of concern. Earlier, the problems of the heart were restricted to people of 30 to 40 years. Today heart ailments have come to afflict youth in the 20s, which is a dangerous sign.

It was reiterated on the day that all should look at normal cardiovascular problems, seriously.
On this occasion, nursing college students provided information about the disease through a poster exhibition.
In the Poster Contest the winners were Shivani Mehra, Gayatri, Simran Rawat, Amita Purwal, Rupal and Tammana.
Present on the occasion were Dr. Kunal Gurrani, Dr. Kamini Prakash, Priya JP, Reena Habil, and Harish Das apart from many others.