Yoga Day at SRHU suffused with a feeling of exuberance and celebration

The advantages of Yoga are tremendous, even mind-boggling and more and more people are now getting into the Yoga fold convincingly.

This International Yoga Day, in the manner of all previous years, the tour de force at Swami Rama Himalayan University was the morning Yoga session in which students and staff members participated enthusiastically, with the enticing Himalayas in the backdrop.

Experts state that Yoga means a ‘union’. Through Yog a practitioner can achieve the union of breath and body, the mind and muscles and most importantly union of the self to the divine. This was exhibited at the SRHU campus this morning. One of the incredible things about Yoga is that something so personal unites so many people in a unique bond.

“With the adrenaline flowing faster, given the high level of Yoga activity, the need to conserve and utilize energy is felt stronger than even before,” stated the Pro Vice Chancellor Dr Vijendra Chauhan.
“More and more individuals are recognizing the ability of Yoga to boost our energy levels considerably. They are taking to Yoga in the light of the knowledge that they need to efficiently produce and consume the body’s inherent energy in order to remain healthy.

Yoga makes us feel re-energized, rejuvenated and revitalized to the core. Yoga in today’s frenzied lifestyle is a real saviour. It creates a correlation between mana and the human body. Simple asanas and pranayama can help us overcome everyday ailments and problems. And all this can happen in a very uncomplicated and undemanding environment,” He added.

The morning began with the Guru Vandana. This was followed by a brief introduction on the significance of Yoga Day by Dr Vijendra Chauhan, Pro Vice Chancellor Swami Rama Himalayan University. Then the following activities took place – Diaphragmatic Breathing, Yoga Protocol, Surya Namaskar, Systematic Relaxation, and Meditation.
The highlight on the occasion was Yoga demonstration by Himalayan School of Yoga Sciences. Last of all Shanti Paath was held with great solemnity.

At the end of a vigorous session at the Central Park of the University, the participating faces donned a joyful smile.

For SRHU the day became extra special as it received the ‘Icon of Yoga Award 2022’ by Times of India and ONGC at a special ceremony held at Dr BR Ambedkar Stadium, Dehradun. The Award was received by Dr Somlata Jha and Rahul Baluni, on behalf of the university for initiating measures to make Yoga part of modern living. Somlata Jha is Assistant Professor and Incharge of Himalayan School of Yoga Sciences while Baluni is Assistant Lecturer.

Indeed the day ended with the reinforcement of the belief that Yoga is the path through which the most impossible of achievements are possible. Only the individuals have to reach out and allow Yoga to impact his or her life. Yog is a divine science, which is available to one and all, free of cost. Those who practice Yoga carry the Yug with them, which means that they carry the environs with them. By this is implied that the purity level that we have inside of us, gets reflected outside in our surroundings.

Dr Ram Narayan Mishra conducted the event. Present on the occasion were Registrar Dr Sushila Sharma, Dr DC Dhasmana, Dr Anuradha Kusum, Dr Yogendra Singh, Dr Anvita Singh, Pooja Joshi Thapliyal, Neelam Rawat and many others.