Swami Rama Himalayan University invents ‘Double Handle Can’, bagging a patent from the government of India

*Himalayan Institute of Science and Technology team of scientists exuberant and geared for many more Swami Rama Himalayan University has bagged yet another patent this year, by the patent office, government of India.

This patent was granted to the university for ‘The Double Handle Can’ which is a novel approach to the conventional beverage can.

It features two ergonomically designed handles integrated seamlessly into its structure. These handles provide consumers with a more comfortable and secure grip, addressing the common issue of handling difficulty associated with traditional single-handled cans.

The design not only enhances user convenience but also promotes versatility in various consumption scenarios. Users can effortlessly carry, pour, and share liquid item without the risk of spillage or discomfort.

Additionally, the incorporation of a silicon rubber cushion on the can's bottom is a remarkable innovation. This cushion serves a dual purpose, acting as both a shock absorber and a vibration dampener. It helps protect the can's contents from damage during transport and minimizes the risk of spillage or leakage. This feature is particularly valuable for liquid items that are sensitive and ensures that the product reaches the consumers in optimal condition.

Congratulating the University team, Chancellor Swami Rama University, Dr Vijay Dhasmana reiterated that, “The ‘Double Handle Can’ is a design patent that is all set to revolutionize the traditional liquid can, prioritizing user convenience and product integrity. We are proud that this innovative approach has set a new standard for liquid packaging, enhancing both usability and product protection, ultimately benefiting both consumers and manufacturers alike.”