Biosciences engages in a wide range of academic activities. Presently, it offers Doctorate in three core fields viz. Biochemistry, Biotechnology, & Microbiology that are designed to match the expectations of 21st century students.

Targeted Research Areas in Biosciences

Genetic Biodiversity Analysis & Bioprospecting

Conservation Biology

Monitoring & Management of Water Quality

Fermentation Technology

Environmental Biotechnology & Carcinogenesis

Plant Microbe Interaction

Bioremediation & Biodegradation

In vitro toxicity

Nano-biotechnology & Nano-toxicology

Bioinformatics and System Biology

Cancer Signaling Pathways

Animal Cell Culturing

Research Facilities: The department is equipped with all the basic facilities for carrying out research in the area of biosciences such as, Spectrophotometers (Shimadzu), Laminar air flow stations (Acco), Vertical gel electrophoresis with power supply, Horizontal gel electrophoresis units with power supply, PCR, Centrifuges, Binocular Microscopes (Olympus),UV Trans illuminator, Gel Doc system with camera camera (Uvi Tech), Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis unit, Binocular Research Microscope (Olympus) etc.

Molecular lab facilities include, Real Time PCR- “Rotor Gene Q” 5plex with HRM, QIAGEN, Automated DNA, RNA, Protein Extractor- “QIA Cube (220-240 V)” for 12 Sample per hour with Spin column Technology, QIAGEN, Minus 80 degree Deep Freezer,  Minus 20 degree Deep Freezer