The Department of Yogic Sciences and Holistic Health has been established with the objective to deliver training in advanced areas of Yogic Sciences and Holistic health as alsohigh moralvalues in keeping with the teachings of Swami Rama and ancient Indian gurus. The main aim is to develop the department as a Center of Excellence and deliver high quality teaching-learning matching the needs of the contemporary world of education and health industry.Yoga Science here, intersects with other allied sciences.

The department adopts combined student-centric methodology enabling them to imbibe effectively so as to match with the present-day needs of the Society. Students and Yoga aspirants are exposed to Inter-disciplinary programs & Projects, Guest key note Speakers, Lectures Group Activities, , and one-on-one discussion, along with use of Multimedia.  External exposure includes Conferences, Seminars, Symposium, Special Yoga Workshops and Camps; Research/Evidence based Projects, Assignments/ field projects, and Practical work.

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    Department has a highly qualified team of faculty members with a combination of both research and academia; all of them having higher degrees and certification in the field of Yogic Science from well-known institutions.

    The students passing out of Yogic Sciences and Holistic Health programs can find jobs in the areas of Education, Training, Therapy, Research and Health Industry viz. hospitals, medical sector, Ayush sector, Indian Embassies, Ministries, and Government NGOs etc.



-  Well equipped Yoga Practical Lab

-  Research and Academic Interface

-  Interactive and Integrative Learning

-  Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) of Education

-  Advanced Learning and Teaching Methodology

-  Summer Training Assignments

-  Mentorship and Personality Development Programs

-  Program Assignments for Public Welfare

-  Educate for Holistic Health& growth

-  Higher Training for Yoga Therapy

Yogic Science & Holistic Health PROGRAMMES

B.Sc. in Yogic Sciences and Holistic Health 

The program is designed to develop an in-depth understanding of fundamental and applied scientific concepts and methods of Yogic Science and allied Science that deal with the Preventive, Curative and Management aspects of Holistic Health.

Students will develop skills to investigate health issues & analyze data, critically evaluate information, undertake yoga practical laboratory investigation, and apply scientific thought.

Students will develop understanding about traditional knowledge of Yogic Science in relevance with personal and social life for a healthy and wealthy living.

Employment Opportunities

Based on the Founder, Swami Rama’s vision of providing health and education for the people of Uttarakhand and beyond, these courses will enable the graduates of the Yoga Sciences & Holistic Health program to teach and spread their knowledge in the remote villages, schools, colleges, health centers, hospitals, medical sector, Commercial Companies,Ayush sector, Indian Embassies, Ministries, as well as, open their own yoga center.