Policies & Guidelines

S.N. Policy Name Link
1 Health Benefit Policy View
2 Infrastructure Maintenance Policy View
3 IP Policy View
4 Policy against Sexual Harassment View
5 Policy for Inter University Transfer View
6 Policy for award of Incentives_Cash Award View
7 Policy for Bio-medical Waste Management View
8 Policy for Code of Ethics View
9 Policy for Consultancy services View
5 Policy for dealing with the cases of Unfair Means View
11 Policy for E-Waste Management View
12 Policy for extracurricular & co-curricular activities View
13 Policy for General Waste Management View
14 Policy for Innovation & Entreprenuership View
15 Policy for interest-free educational loan View
16 Policy for Internal & External financial audit View
17 Policy for International students visiting as Observer to the University View
18 Policy for Performance Appraisal View
19 Policy for presenting Best Employee Award View
20 Policy for Prevention of Plagiarism View
21 Policy for Private OPD View
22 Policy for Refund of Fees View
23 Policy for Resource Mobilization View
24 Policy for Scholarships & Fee Concessions View
25 Policy for Students' Council View
26 Procedure for Admission in the University View
27 Procedure for Allotment & Maintenance of Residential Accommodation View
28 Procedure on Preparation & submission of Budget View
29 Procedure to provide financial support by Kalptaru Pharmacy View
30 Purchase Policy View
31 Recruitment Policy View
32 Research Promotion Policy 2018 View
33 Revised Purchase Policy View
34 Research Promotion Policy 2022 View
35 Awarding of Scholarship for internal & external students View
36 Computer and Network Usage Policy View
37 Condemnation Policy View
38 Guidelines for Academic & Administrative Audit View
39 Guidelines for admission of International students View
40 Guidelines for Advanced Learner & Slow Performer View
41 Guidelines for incentive for faculty members View
42 Guidelines for Institution of Medals, Awards & Scholarships View
43 Guidelines for internship training for external candidates View
44 Guidelines for Mentoring Programmes View
45 Guidelines for providing Free-ship to student orphaned due to COVID View
46 Guidelines for SRHU-JRF scheme View
47 Guidelines for using Scribes_Writers View
48 Guidelines for Writing_Publishing of a Book View
49 Guidelines on Capability Enhancement & Life Skills Development View
50 Guidelines to implement the SWAYAM_MOOC online courses View
51 SRHU Employees Welfare Fund View
52 Guidelines for Observer-ship/Summer Training/Internship to external candidates View